Cor.El, a reliable partner for retailers

One of the strengths of Cor.El supplies is dedicated to dealer service. Thanks to the many years of experience we know what the needs of this market.

Our retailers offer everything you need to meet the needs of its customers:

  • wide and varied range of products,
  • punctuality and precision in deliveries,
  • competitive trading conditions,
  • adequate margins,

Our commercial structure

Our company is organized to guarantee a fast track and channels dedicated to requests from the network of retailers and GDO (large retail chains).

  • The value of our employees
    Our sales and our customer service have great experience, know the needs, including the world’s problems resale and are able to propose appropriate solutions. The technical competence of Cor.El collaborators is ensured by the large corporate experience accumulated over many years and constant technical training, sales and management.
  • A full range of brands and products
    We know the needs of our reseller customers and especially the need to have access to a catalog of products and suppliers that is as broad and varied as possible. With widely tested procedures we can handle thousands of different references and a timely and efficient logistics, we are able to make them available in a short time in our warehouses.

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